Rain Barrel Sale

Don’t forget to order your Rain Barrel. Your garden will love you for it. This fundraiser will support Operation Service Dog and the Branch. Use the following link to order your barrel https://rainbarrel.ca/lockerylegion/

You may remember last June, Lockerby Br. 564 participated in the launch of the support for Operation Service Dog by RCL Ontario Command (OPC). Lockerby was one of two Branches chosen to host the launch and we proudly joined Little Current Br. 177 as OPC officially launched the support of providing PTSD Service Dogs for Veterans.

The Branch was able to support the cause not only with a service announcement, but, funds as well and we ran a close neck and neck race with Little Current, with each of the Branches donating in excess of $3,000 for the cause. These contributions added to the $250,000 from OPC.

It’s been a busy year since then and Lockerby was able to contribute another $2,000 to Operation Service Dog, through a partnership with the IODE City of Lake Chapter. Their committment to Veterans and their families is well known and they celebrated a century of service in 2018. Thank you again ladies for your invaluable support.